LED 1000 Pro-4TD-WT full spectrum

Photosynthesis refers to the process by which plant cells and bacteria of photosynthetic pigments absorb light energy, assimilate inorganic matter into organic matter, and release oxygen. The significance of photosynthesis is to convert inorganic matter into organic matter, while converting light energy into chemical energy to maintain the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere.

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Plant photosynthesis is so important, how to supplement light in a targeted way?

The importance of plant photosynthesis lies in the fact that the ozone layer, which can provide food, energy and respiration for all living things and protect against ultraviolet killing, has become the basis, key link and driving force for the formation, development and prosperity of the biosphere and its continuous operation.

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In photosynthesis, only chlorophyll a is directly involved in the photoreaction of photosynthesis, and its absorption wavelength peaks are 432 nm and 660 nm, and chlorophyll b absorption wavelength peaks are 458 nm and 642 nm. Since chlorophyll b transmits 100% of the absorbed energy to chlorophyll a, while other pigments also absorb different wavelengths of light in sunlight and then transmit it to chlorophyll a, the energy transfer efficiency is not too high. Therefore, the light waves that mainly promote photosynthesis are blue light near 432 nm and red light near 660 nm.


Chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b each have 2 absorption bands, blue and red. The central wavelengths of the absorption band are 432 nm, 458 nm, 660 nm, and 642 nm, respectively. In photosynthesis, the most energetic green light in sunlight is reflected and transmitted very little, which is very unfavorable for plants to make full use of solar energy.

From the above results, it can be inferred that only some of the light in the panchromatic spectrum of the Sun is absorbed by plants. According to the theory of quantum mechanics, sunlight shines on plants, and only those photons whose frequencies are equal to the natural frequency between certain energy levels of chlorophyll a molecules can be absorbed, causing chlorophyll a molecules to produce electron transitions and photosynthesis.

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Therefore, for specific plants, we need to strongly supplement the light required in its spectrum in order to better promote the photosynthesis of plants, LEDZEAL LED grow lights, can be targeted to different plant-specific spectrum to provide professional collocation solutions, so that the growth process of plants to meet the growth needs of a healthy light environment.

Model name SKY1000PRO-4TD
LED quantity/brand 3600pcs 301B+3535LED(R+B+UV+IR)
PPF(umol/s) 2565
 PPE(umol/s/W) 2.656
lm 154996
Housing material All aluminum
Max output power 940-980W
Operating current 10-20A
LED beam angle 120
Life span(hour) 50000h
Power supply MEAN WELL
AC input voltage 50-60HZ
Dimension 1125*1160*50mm
Net weight 9KG
Gross weight 12.5KG
Power bin size 760*170*63mm
Weight after packaging 10.5KG
Certification UL/CE/ETL/DLC

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