LED 800 Lite indoor led grow light

Spring returns to the earth, everything grows, winter comes, everything withers, the unchangeable law of nature, this is because there is plenty of sunlight in spring, there is a suitable temperature and moisture, and in winter, the sun is blocked by thick clouds, the temperature drops, and everything naturally enters a hibernating state and stops growing. This phenomenon lasted for a long time until the birth of LED plant lights. LED plant lights are a kind of lamp that can replace the effect of sunlight on plant growth and development according to the principle of sunlight on plant photosynthesis.

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The difference between artificial and natural light for plants

Low light is a common plant stress factor that affects the photosynthesis, growth and yield of plants under natural and cultivated conditions. Can the fluorescent lamps in the home solve the photosynthesis problem of plants? Many home lights and decorative lights are also red and blue, but this lamp has no light filling effect on plants. Because only blue light with a wavelength of 450-470 nanometers and red light of about 660 nanometers have a fill light effect on plants, red and blue lighting lamps that are not in the wavelength range have no effect on plants. Therefore, fluorescent lamps at home do not promote photosynthesis of plants.

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LED plant lights are completely comparable to sunlight, and can completely replace sunlight in winter to provide a reasonable lighting environment for plants. In many times when there is no sunlight, such as lightning and thunder, dark clouds, wind and rain, fog and frost and hail, you can use plant lights to fill the light, in the sunset, when darkness descends on the earth, you can use plant lights to fill the light, in the basement, in the plant factory, in the greenhouse, you can use plant lights to fill the light.

Model name SKY800LITE
LED quantity/brand 3024pcs 2835LED
PPF(umol/s) 2888
 PPE(umol/s/W) 3.332
lm 192087
Housing material All aluminum
Max output power  840-860W
Operating current 8-16A
LED beam angle 120
Life span(hour) 50000h
Power supply  SOSEN/JOSON
AC input voltage 50-60HZ
Dimension  1125*1160*50mm
Net weight 7.5KG
Gross weight 10KG
Power bin size  550*170*63mm
Weight after packaging  7.5KG
Certification UL/CE/ETL/DLC

LED plant lights have more advantages than sunlight, because LED plant lights have controllability, when to turn on the lights, when to turn off the lights, when to use how much intensity of light, when to use how many ratios of red and blue light, everything is in control. Different plants need different intensities of light, with different light saturation points, light compensation points, in different growth stages, the need for different spectra of light, red light to promote flowering and fruit, blue light to promote stems and leaves, these can be artificially adjusted, and sunlight can not, can only resign themselves to fate. It can be seen that LED plant lights are more nutritious than sunlight, and with the help of LED plant lights, crops tend to mature faster, yield higher and better quality than plants under sunlight.


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