LED 800 Pro hydroponic grow light

The growth and development of plants is affected by many factors such as light, temperature, humidity, earth gravity, gravity, soil and water. Among them, light has a special status because it not only affects the entire growth process of the plant, but also provides photosynthesis for the plant.

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Effect of light on plant growth

Plants through the energy of sunlight, the air, water, carbon dioxide and other substances into organic matter, and release the oxygen required by the human body, this process becomes photosynthesis, photosynthesis not only provides nutrients for plants, the release of oxygen also becomes the inexhaustible source of all life on the earth for prosperity and development.

Photosynthesis is a photochemical reaction process. The main factors affecting photosynthesis are light, temperature, water, mineral elements, etc., and the light intensity of plants also directly limits the photosynthetic rate. In fact, the effects of plant photosynthesis are often influenced by external environmental conditions and internal factors.

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Experimental results show that seedling plants do not photosynthesize under long-term dark conditions, but only breathe and release carbon dioxide. As the light intensity increases, so does the photosynthetic rate. When the light intensity reaches a certain level, the photosynthetic rate of the leaf is equal to the respiration rate, that is, dynamic equilibrium is achieved. If the light intensity is too high, light suppression will occur, but the photosynthetic rate will decrease. Therefore, insufficient light and too much light can affect the photosynthesis of plants.

Model name SKY800LITE
LED quantity/brand 2688pcs  301B+3535 LED
PPF(umol/s) 2777
 PPE(umol/s/W) 3.206
lm 182740
Housing material All aluminum
Max output power 840-860W
Operating current 8-16A
LED beam angle 120
Life span(hour) 50000h
Power supply  SOSEN/JOSON
AC input voltage 50-60HZ
Dimension 1125*1160*50mm
Net weight 7.5KG
Gross weight 10KG
Power bin size  550*170*63mm
Weight after packaging  7.5KG
Certification UL/CE/ETL/DLC

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