LED 800 Lite-3Z-2835 grow lights fixture

Before choosing LED grow lights to use, you must consider the field of your own cultivation, in what kind of environment to use, and what kind of performance you need to have. The environmental suitability of LED grow lights can be roughly analyzed from the planting area, plant characteristics and plant growth environment.

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How to choose LED grow lights according to different environments?

According to the size of the planting area, the main decision to use the shape of the LED grow lights, the general LED grow light is square and circular design, for a single plant to fill the light, the use of circular LED grow lights can be more comprehensively illuminated to all parts of the plant, not only can meet the needs of grow light, relatively square LED grow lights planted single plants, but also reduce the waste of electrical energy and light energy. But when planting a large area is the opposite, because of the large area, plant growth interval is tight, requiring each plant to receive uniform light in every place, if you use circular plant lights, the light at the junction of multiple lights can not guarantee a certain error range without uniformity, on the contrary, the use of square LED grow lights can be a good solution to the above problems.

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According to the characteristics of the plant, the positive plant needs to provide particularly sufficient light in the stages of flowering/fruiting/rapid growth, and then the LED high-power plant lamp is used to fill the light. If the plant is in the nursery stage and the degree of light needs is not very high, then the use of LED grow light strips can meet the needs of its growth.

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The growth environment of plants according to different plant species, the difference is very large, there will be a huge difference in light, air, nutrition, humidity, etc., from the perspective of the use of LED grow lights, mainly consider what kind of light the plant needs, how much is needed, as described earlier. In addition, we should also pay attention to some of these small features, such as: assuming that it is hydroponics, the relative humidity of the environment will be larger, which requires plant lamps to have certain waterproof performance, to avoid affecting the effect of LED grow lights and the life of the lamp itself.

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