LED 800 Pro-3Z-301B foldable dimmable grow lights

The influence of different wavelengths of light on plant photosynthesis is different, plant photosynthesis requires light, the wavelength is about 400-700nm. Light of 400-500 nm (blue) and 610-720 nm (red) contribute the most to photosynthesis.

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Characteristics of LED grow light

Blue (470nm) and red (630nm) LEDs can provide just the light that plants need, so the ideal choice is to use these two color combinations. Visually, the red-and-blue combination of plant lights appear pink color.

Blue light helps plant photosynthesis can promote green leaf growth, protein synthesis, fruit formation; red light can promote plant rhizome growth, help flowering and fruiting and prolong the flowering period, play a role in increasing yield!

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The ratio of red and blue LED led of LED plant lights is generally between 4:1--9:1, usually 6-9:1.

When using plant lamps to fill the light of plants, the height from the leaves is generally about 0.5-1 meters, and continuous irradiation for 12-16 hours a day can completely replace sunlight.

The effect is remarkable, growing almost 3 times faster than that of normal naturally growing plants.

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Model name SKY800LITE
LED quantity/brand 2856pcs  301B+3535 LED
PPF(umol/s) 2269
 PPE(umol/s/W) 2.565
lm 141823
Housing material All aluminum
Max output power 840-860W
Operating current 8-16A
LED beam angle 120
Life span(hour) 50000h
Power supply SOSEN/JOSON
AC input voltage 50-60HZ
Dimension 1500*1200*50mm
Net weight 9.5KG
Gross weight 13KG
Power bin size 550*170*63mm
Weight after packaging 7.5KG
Certification UL/CE/ETL/DLC

LED light source, also known as semiconductor light source, this light source wavelength is relatively narrow, can emit a specific wavelength of light, so can control the color of light. By irradiating plants individually, plant varieties can be improved.

LED grow lights power is small, but the efficiency is extremely high, because other lights emit a full spectrum, that is to say, there are 7 colors, and plants need only red light and blue light, so most of the light energy of traditional lamps is wasted, so the efficiency is extremely low. The LED grow light can emit the specific red light and blue light that the plant needs, so the efficiency is extremely high, which is why the power of the LED plant growth lamp is better than the power of tens of watts or even hundreds of watts. Another reason is the lack of blue light in the traditional sodium lamp spectrum, and the lack of red light in the spectrum of mercury lamps and energy-saving lamps, so the light filling effect of traditional lamps is much worse than that of LED lamps, and compared with traditional lamps, it is necessary to save more than 90% of electric energy, and the operating cost is greatly reduced.

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