Zeus Series LED Aquarium Lights with dimmable control system

Zeus Series LED aquarium light is our brand new models. It is a new option for your LED aquarium light. —- Fanless design quite operation —-All Aluminum build —-Full size models —-Smart Wifi control

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Housing And Cooling

Zeus LED aquarium light is made with Android aluminum and matte finish, brings comfortable hand feeling and seawater corrosion prevention.

I The Zeus model is a totally silent fanless design where the LED PCB attached to a heatsink which is part of the outer body of the model. The all-aluminium housing has integrated cooling fins in an attractive design.


24pcs cooling fins with surface ripples to maximize the coolingarea, which make high efficiency of heat dissipation.

Due to the excellent cooling design,the Zeus model maximum power up to 250 watt (Zeus 300) providing sufficient lighting even for the large aquarium tanks.


Now you can command the Zeus models on smart phones by connecting the AquaZealer WiFi controller.

The controller screen displaying the light status all time as well as supports daisy -chaincontrolling system for the large tanks, coral farm or aquarium projects. One controller rules as much as 200 units of lights. The wireless remote for dimming light in multi channels is available for those no need smart phone WiFi control.


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