How much do you know about the light output characteristics of LEDs

High-power LEDs as lighting sources are already everywhere, but how much do you know about LEDs, and the following will take you to learn some knowledge about LEDs.

Light output characteristics of LEDs

With the rapid advancement of LED technology, performance indicators have improved significantly. In particular, the performance of high-power white LEDs, which are the mainstream of fourth-generation lighting, has been greatly improved. According to the different requirements of use, the power of a single package is distinguished: from 1~10W to hundreds of watts, hundreds of watts; From the light distribution output light intensity characteristics of the LED package lens, the main ones are: Lambertian type, side light type, bat wing type, concentrating type (collimation) and other types, and the output characteristic curve is shown in the figure.


At present, the power type white LED is developing in the direction of single-chip high power, but due to the constraints of the chip heat dissipation bottleneck, the heat dissipation of a single chip ultra-large power LED using multi-chip combination packaging is relatively difficult, and the light efficiency is relatively low.In the design of high-power LED street lights, the selection of high-power LEDs needs to consider many issues such as primary packaging characteristics, luminous efficiency, installation process requirements, secondary and tertiary light distribution design, use environment, heat dissipation conditions, and output characteristics of the drive controller. Therefore, combined with the above factors, as well as practical applications, the mainstream trend of choosing LED in street lamps is: the power of a single LED is about 1 watt to several watts, good color rendering, consistent color temperature, light efficiency 90~100 lm/W high-quality products are the best choice for design. In the power of the street lamp, the total luminous power required is obtained by mixing multiple arrays; In terms of light output characteristics, Lambertian type, batwing type and condenser type are more used, but generally can not be directly applied to street lights, must be through the light distribution design again to meet the road lighting requirements of the light output characteristics.

Post time: Nov-11-2022