Introduction to the characteristics of LED aquarium lights

1)LED aquarium lights are professionally used for seawater fish tank lighting, coral farming and so on.

2)The input voltage of the product is 110-264V, easy to use, suitable for any country.

3)Built-in power supply, no need to configure other equipment, through the simple and safe plug to access AC110V ~ 264V voltage.

4)Group operation mode, using the power supply department of Sosai Group independently developed power supply, to provide you with high-reliability products. The power supply has passed CE, UL, CQC, CCC and other safety certifications.

5)Independent intellectual property rights dimming control and timing control system to meet the different needs of marine organisms for spectra at different time periods.

6)Customers can use different LED light source ratios according to different needs. According to different animals, plant growth has different spectral needs, and our company can provide a reference scheme for the ratio of LED light sources.

7)Energy saving and environmental protection, low power consumption, more than 80% of electricity saving than traditional incandescent lamps under the same illumination, and more than 52% of electricity saving than energy-saving fluorescent lamps.

8)Aluminum profile structure design, light, thin, good corrosion resistance, easy to maintain and maintain.

9)Good heat dissipation performance 10. Two installation methods of telescopic bracket and lanyard.

10)Easy to install by customers, modular structure design, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to maintain.

11)Scientific packaging method: The pearl cotton inner support recess is designed according to the structure of each part of the product to avoid scratches caused by vibration and fall during transportation. Simple packaging methods can ensure that the products are delivered to you safely and reliably.

Post time: Oct-26-2022